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The latest publications, Jahresberichte, and the international projects our groups are involved in.

Latest Publications

  • Charged-particle and Neutron-capture Processes in the High-entropy Wind of Core-collapse Supernovae
    Farouqi, K.; Kratz, K.-L.; Pfeiffer, B.; Rauscher, T.; Thielemann, F.-K.; Truran, J. W.
    2010, ApJ, 712, 1359
  • The stellar correlation function from SDSS. A statistical search for wide binary stars
    Longhitano, M.; Binggeli, B.
    2010, A&A, 509, 46
  • The Chemistry of Population III Supernova Ejecta. II. The Nucleation of Molecular Clusters as a Diagnostic for Dust in the Early Universe
    Cherchneff, Isabelle; Dwek, Eli
    2010, ApJ, 713, 1
  • Regularization in quantum field theory from the causal point of view
    Aste, A.; von Arx, C.; Scharf, G.
    2010, PrPNP, 64, 61
  • The Isotropic Diffusion Source Approximation for Supernova Neutrino Transport
    Liebendörfer, M.; Whitehouse, S. C.; Fischer, T.
    2009, ApJ, 698, 1174

Annual Reports (Jahresberichte)

Current Projects

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