Basel Universität
Departement für Physik und Astronomie

Dr. David Gobrecht

David Gobrecht
Osservatorio astronomico
di Teramo
Via mentore maggini s.n.c.
I-64100 Teramo

Tel.: +39 0861 439 703
Fax: +39 0861 439 740

Current projects

Structures and energetics of dust clusters (silicon carbide, silicates, alumina)

Chemical networks in low metallicity, semi-regular variable, and S-type AGB stars

Coalescence and condensation of dust clusters and grains in winds of AGB stars

Chemistry in the inner envelope of the oxygen-rich AGB star IK Tau

Observations at OSO Onsala and IRAM Granada

Inspection of alumina and silicate clusters at the DFT level of theory at the HPC center in Barcelona [Report]


Dust formation in the oxygen-rich AGB star IK Tau
D. Gobrecht et al. 2015

Dust formation in the Inner Wind of the Oxygen-rich AGB star IK Tau
D. Gobrecht et al. 2015

Evolution, Nucleosynthesis, and Yields of AGB Stars at Different Metallicities. III. Intermediate-mass Models, Revised Low-mass Models, and the ph-FRUITY Interface
S. Cristallo et al. 2015

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