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Data Needs in Nuclear Astrophysics:

A NIC-IX Satellite Workshop in Collaboration with JINA


Compiled Data Requirements for Modeling in Nuclear Astrophysics

Department of Physics and Astronomy,
Basel, 23-25 JUNE 2006

International Advisory Board:
JINA: Tim Beers (MSU), Hendrik Schatz (MSU), Michael Wiescher (Notre Dame);
CARINA: C. Angulo (Louvain la Neuve),
VISTARS: K.-L. Kratz (U. Mainz),
Rob Hoffman (Lawrence Livermore National Lab.), G. Martinez-Pinedo (GSI Darmstadt), K. Nomoto (U. Tokyo), I. Panov (ITEP, Moscow), Michael Smith (Oak Ridge National Lab.),

LOC: Eva Grebel, Raphael Hirschi, Matthias Liebendoerfer, Thomas Rauscher, Friedrich-K. Thielemann

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